We are a curated community of impact investors and entrepreneurs catalyzing conversations, knowledge, and capital into projects building a regenerative future.
The Impact Leaders Club is a community driven non-profit linked to a global funding and advisory network to identify and accelerate impact projects.

Who we’re looking for

Aligned Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs join to get connected with like-minded founders and mentors, as well as to receive introductions to accelerator programs and potential investors.
Impact Investors
Impact investors join to find curated projects that are supported by the club, hence increasing their chances for success. Investors finance projects and bring other investors within their network.
Founding Mentors
Founding mentors introduce ideas, wisdom, and business models to help impact leaders strengthen their projects. They give 1-on-1 advice to community members.
Our Mission
Identify, fund, support, and accelerate impact enterprises that address food, energy, water, poverty, healthcare, and education at scale.
Our Principles
We advocate decentralized cooperation, holacracy and collaboration at scale. Decentralizing political systems, the economy and businesses generates more innovation and more value to all members of society.
Deploying technologies such as additive manufacturing. AI, VR/AR, robotics, renewable energy, blockchain, mesh networks and nanotechnology will lead us to sustainable cities and sustainable agriculture.
Regenerative enterprise, permaculture and cradle to cradle all have in common that they don’t take human actives in isolation. But they understand we are part of a larger system. Respecting this dynamic will align human economic activities with our planet’s regenerative capacity.
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Founding Mentors

Bill Melton

George Orbelian

Founding Facilitators





Our partners
Join our highly curated community to contribute to the Impact Leaders Club mission.

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